About Us

Ms Anonna Mehjabin is founder of BORNO Bangladesh. She is an ambitious woman. She has worked as an Executive director of BORNO Bangladesh and BORNO Family. He is a sacrifice mined, job oriented woman.

Mr Saidur Rahman is founder of BORNO Prokash. He has worked as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BORNO Prokash and BORNO Bangladesh and Chief coordinator of ICARE. He is a hard worker and job oriented man.

Miss Afia Joinob Khan Tushy is a teacher of BORNO Pathsala. She is an animal lover & work for animal rights. As a fine art student she obviously love to painting. She is also an event decorator & wall painter.

Mohammad Akash Hossain is an executive director of BORNO Pathsala. He is satisfy with his work as well as being a part of BORNO Family.